96-Well Plates made of biobased polymer
About the customer and the product

Green Elephant Biotech GmbH is the world´s first company developing and manufacturing single use lab ware products based on biobased polymers. Their products allow general laboratories and companies in the bio-pharmaceutical industry to optimise the carbon food print significantly.

96-Well Plates are used in labs around the globe as single use labware. Thanks to Green Elephant´s idea to produce this heavily mass used item from sustainable PLA, laboratories can reduce their carbon food print for those product categories by up to 50%.

Initial Problem

The initial core problem was to develop a 96-Well Plate, without traditional and industry standard fossil fuel based polymers. This became a major challenge, as there was no existing experience or infrastructure of moulds which could handle the injection moulding process of the bio based polymer PLA. Significant technical and logistical problems were discovered at initial stage and a whole range of adjustments were necessary across the whole injection moulding process from mould construction to manufacturing process. The full functionality of the end product was not be compromised.

Problem Solution

A development project between Green Elephant and AFK was initiated. The first step defined all specification and requirements for the new intended Well Plate. The project team agreed on an iterative development process, which enabled us to develop the final product according to all set specifications step by step. This process included several development cycles, trial of various protypes until a final product evolved, fulfilling the highest standards of bio based polymer products in the industry.

About the Collaboration

"The Collaboration with AFK was positive on all levels and was embraced by solution driven way of working. The communication was always very open and transparent, allowing a great exchange of ideas and feedbacks. As special discovery was the flexibility of AFK, to specifically adopt to our project specifications and demand. Same counts for their continuous engagement finding innovative and alternative solutions to any problem, by complying to our environmental requirements and internal high quality standards . All above was key for a productive collaboration and successful overall project."

Felix Wollenhaupt, Managing Director Green Elephant Biotech GmbH